Justice League Cast Plot & Release Date

Every comic fan is excited for the new Justice League movie from DC Comics and Warner Brothers. We have provided the cast list and insights of the movie in this article. We will also discuss the trailer of the movie and you can share your thoughts about the movie also. It is hard to predict the box office success of the movie but we hope it will be in favor of the producers. Fans of DC comics are expecting a fair competition from the movie to the MCU. So let’s take a look at the cast of the movie with a little bit of plot also.

Justice League Movie:

The justice league has been a very anticipated movie. The first trailer/teaser of the movie was released in 2016 while the movie is scheduled for November 17 2017. So far the avengers from Marvel Cinematic Universe has been dominating the Hollywood industry.

The teaser cum trailer of the movie was very impression. A lot of people (including me) are excited to see their favorite comic characters to come in live action. What you think of the trailer and how successful would it be? Comment below and share your thoughts.

Movie cast:

We will start with the big name on the screen. Gal Gadot will play the Wonder Women. She has appeared in the dawn of justice and recently featured in the stand alone wonder women movie. She will be accompanied by Ben Affleck playing as Batman. People also expect Henry Cavill to play a role as the man of steel in the movie.

The dawn of justice already laid the foundation for Justice League as the movie end shows Bruce discussing with Diana to build a team of meta humans. Let’s take a look at the other casts also. the role of Aquaman will be played by Jason Momoa. People will see Ray Fisher paling the role of cyborg in the movie.

Another favorite character is The Flash which will be played by Ezra Miller. While we do not have any news on Green Lantern but we hope he will have guest appearance in the movie as the recent rumors suggest. Now we will check the supporting roles.

First we have JK Simmons playing as commissioner Gordan. We will also see Amber Heard playing as Aquaman’s wife Mera. Kiersey Clemons will play as Barry Allen’s love partner Iris West. Robin Wright and Connie Nielson will resume their role as Diana’s mother and mentor in the movie as well.

So now the question remains on who will the villain in the movie. We will see Steppenwolf as the main villain in the movie. This character has connections to Darkseid and appeared in Dawn of Justice also. rumors suggest joker will also be in the movie (hopefully). Lastly, Jesse Eisenberg will also come as Lex Luthor in the movie.

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Justice League 2017 Release Date:

The year 2017 has been great for comic book lovers. We have seen logan, wonder women, Spiderman, in the same year. More to come is the Thor 3. The movie will come to theaters on November 17 2017. So let’s mark our calendars and wait for the movie.